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Whats My Tyre Pressure

whats my tyre pressure

    tyre pressure
  • This is the pressure of the air inside the tyre, it can be measured in pounds per square inch PSI or Bar. Correct pressure for tyres is designed to aid fuel economy as well as safety as under or over inflated tyres can affect the handling of your vehicle.

What Should You Do After Doing Sports?

What Should You Do After Doing Sports?

Life lies in movement. However, after doing sports, people will sweat a lot and feel very tired. Some even suffer pain of muscles and joints, which may even continue for several days. If so, people can hardy enjoy sports. These symptoms are mostly caused by improper or too much exercise. You can make conditioning after the exercise through some ways. Here I’d like to give some suggestions that I collected from my knowledge.

First of all, after doing sports, put on the clothes that you stripped off before. After strenuous exercise, you are still sweating. If you don’t put on the clothes in time, you may easily catch a cold. Next, have some water. During the exercise, you lose large amount of water through sweating. At that time, the body is in urgent need of water. However, you can’t have too much water for one time, for it may cause pressure to the heart. Then, have a shower as soon as possible, at least wash your hair. Sweat, sunshine and alkali are natural enemies of hair. After exposure to the sun for a long time and soaking in the sweat for a long time, you must clean your hair. The last one, also the most important, don’t stop doing sports immediately, which may do great harm to your health. The right way is to stop gradually to reduce pressure to the heart, for example, you can run slowly for a while and then stop. Never sit down after strenuous exercise, Or else, your life may even be endangered.

What’s more, I’d like to say something more about nutrition after doing sports. Many people hold the idea that after doing sports, people need to eat chicken, fish, pork and other food which contain abundant nutrition to satisfy the needs of body. However, theses do people more harm, for after sports, it is more difficult for you to digest so much meat. You do have some good choices after exercise. I’d like to share some with you. You’d better have more food containing protein, sugar, Vitamins, and water after doing sports. Eggs, fruits and meat are good choices. That’s because during the exercise, your body has consumed so much of them. Then you need to replenish more. Remember, don’t have too much at one time, or it can become a burden for the stomach.

I hope that these may do you some help. If you know the right ways to adjust yourself after sports, you can enjoy them with full heart.

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Yesterday, I ran into a woman I know who, like me, suffers from migraines. The first thing she said when she saw me was, "Hasn't it been a terrible week?"

I said, "Um... yeah." It HAS been a terrible week for me, migraine-wise. But how the heck would she know that? We haven't talked in months.

Turns out she has had a terrible week of migraines, too. So bad that she went to see her doctor, who specializes in this special kind of pain. He said he'd been run off his feet; that literally hundreds of people spent much of the week in agony... their regular meds not working, their heads exploding, etc. Apparently, he said it had much to do with atmospheric pressure... which I know from painful experience has a major impact on me.

So... yeah. I'd never been aware of this before... but there seems to be a whole population of us sad sacks... oftentimes (apparently) suffering in unison. And... dang. It's not like we can do anything about changes in atmospheric pressure.

But here's the cool thing: the fact that something as seemingly benign as a few ups or downs on the kilopascal scale could render so many people basically useless. It's a powerful reminder that... really... we're all just lumpy bags of chemical soup, held together by a neato stretchy organ called the skin. Because we wear clothes and build houses and sustain ourselves in all sorts of "unnatural" ways, it's easy to forget that we are, in fact, part of a larger organism.

I read somewhere a while ago that... once upon a time... before what we call civilization... all women "cycled" at the same time, on the same cycle... in tune with the phases of the moon. I have no idea whether that's true. (It does sound terribly unlikely.) But I don't doubt that we as a species have generally lost touch with the natural rhythms of our environment.

I once had the luxury of working afternoons, and living what I called the alarm-clock-free existence. I went to sleep when I was tired, woke up when I was rested... and pretty much arranged my life to suit what my body wanted to do. Man... that was a great time, healthwise.

Anyway... my point is that... I can't help but wonder how much of the pain and suffering around us has to do with our "unnatural" lifestyles... especially since the leading causes of death in North America these days are lifestyle related. Hmmmm.

whats my tyre pressure

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