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Balance Trailer Tires

balance trailer tires

    trailer tires
  • (Trailer tire) A small tire often 12" with a load range B and a capacity rating of 850 lbs

  • bring into balance or equilibrium; "She has to balance work and her domestic duties"; "balance the two weights"

  • a state of equilibrium

  • The ability of a boat to stay on course without adjustment of the rudder

  • compute credits and debits of an account

  • An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady

  • Stability of one's mind or feelings

Mr Snake, Part 1

Mr Snake, Part 1

(part 1 of 6) As it was now getting late, and we were all tired and getting hungry, we decided to go back to the first spot and make the best of it at Antelope Reservoir. The site we chose wasn’t ideal by any means, but we were determined to make the best of it and stay anyway. First of all, the wind and mosquitoes were bad. There were little stink beetles all over the ground, and there was no shade in sight. Our first attempt to park the trailer was difficult because the ground was so uneven, and we decided that we needed to move the trailer a second time to partially block the wind. This second position left the truck precariously balanced near the edge of the dirt “boat launch-“an earthen ramp leading into the mud. Even this didn’t dissuade us from trying to spend the night. That is, until Alex and I were beginning to level the trailer and Misty was near the water, when she yelled “rattlesnake!”
Misty ran back up to camp with this lousy rattlesnake chasing her the whole way. Once it got to the picnic table, it crawled into the center of the only little patch of grass under the table, and coiled up and began to rattle. Well, we couldn’t leave it hanging out there waiting to get one of us- so I grabbed the broom and began to try to “flush it out” from the table. Guess where it decided to go and hide next? Under our camper! Talk about bad becoming worse- this was even less of a good place for him to hide as far as we were concerned. So, once again we tried to scare it out from its hiding space.
It very quickly became obvious that the broom wasn’t going to be the best weapon, and I got out a metal shrub rake that we had just bought to clear the brush from campsites before we throw our camping mat down. Even the rake wouldn’t reach, and I got out a lantern stand that we had in the trailer. This only pissed off our little visitor, who retaliated by climbing up the far wheel well into the subfloor of the trailer. Now, in my mind this is probably the worst thing that could happen- we weren’t sure if he could get inside the trailer, and he was fairly sure he wasn’t going to come back out. So, we spent the next hour trying to figure out how to convince a rattlesnake to leave the trailer. For the first 30 minutes or so, we couldn’t even find him- but eventually he stuck his head out of a hole by the grey water holding tank. (Yes, that’s his head sticking out of the hole)

TV Land

TV Land

I'm on vacation visiting family right now in San Diego, and will be for three weeks. My grandma has no internet, so I either have to go without or steal spotty internet from one of her neighbours (which is how I'm posting this).

We were camping with my cousins north of San Diego when I took this, and one day I rode my bike down a trail and discovered this strange dumping ground, with mounds of mattresses, drawers, ropes, tires, and all sorts of odds and ends like shoes and ties. It was weird, and creepy, but fun! I found this old plasma screen that was cracked, which is what I'm holding here.

Also, to get this shot, I had to precariously balance my camera on my bike, and then (since I had forgotten my remote) run back and forth to start the ten second timer, while the whole time I was attacked by a giant horde of flying ants. It sucked.

I'm also going to complain a bit about how Flickr sucked the colour out of this.

balance trailer tires

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